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"Your artwork is simply breathtaking. When I stepped into Sandon Feat Gallery I was transported to a world of dancing light and beauty. Keep up the excellent work. For me the pieces represent the profound serenity of nature that can be encountered at the Botanical Park, one of my favorite places in Cayman. I am a Caymanian who has since moved to France so these are an all the more precious souvenir." - France



"(We) just love 'Festival' and it really makes a statement in our living room! It ties together our beach theme and flower theme since it can be seen as abstract flowers or underwater flora. It was a pleasure dealing with Sandon Feat Gallery and the arrival of this piece was right when we wanted it. We will see you when we visit Cayman again!" - Florida



"We love it" - Florida 



"Yes! We love them! My husband just hung them. We are truly enjoying them. Your work brings a smile to our faces daily. Thank you so much!"

P.S. Wow! The artwork was packed so securely and arrived in perfect condition. - Illinois

"My wife and I absolutely LOVE the painting. I been a fan of your paintings for a very long time and we decided to buy one specifically to hang in our dining room." - Cayman Islands

"The paintings arrived perfectly and are already up as the big splash of color in our living room where my wife will add a few complementary accent pieces."   
Thank you and CE Whitney very much! -
New Hampshire

  "We are greatly enjoying our art.Every time I walk by it I smile thinking of all the fun times

we have together in Grand Cayman." - Florida

"We are loving each day our piece from you. My wife LOVES “Jays Beach”.

She says something about it nearly every day.  Thank you." - Florida


"Carolyn Whitney's work is absolutely breath taking.

We had been looking at similar pieces from other artist, but had not found one we loved.

As soon as I saw Buddy at the Beach I knew we had to have it." - New York


 "SMOOTH SAILING FRESH. It’s the one I originally saw in the gallery and

I just love the bright, vibrant colors. It is going to be an amazing compliment

to the rug in my foyer (I’ll send you a picture once it’s hung!)

I am so excited to place another order!" New York 

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